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Semiconductors Process & Testing

The equipment used to manufacture semiconductor and computer chips has to be several technology steps ahead of the advances in semiconductors in order to satisfy the demand for greater performance from the chips. Input power quality is one variable in the process equation and poor power quality can have a significant effect on the results.

Equipment exposed to harsh electrical environments will fail more often than equipment that has clean, stable power. Manufacturing processes rely on high quality power to guarantee precise mechanical positioning, tight temperature control, and accurate high-voltage pulses.

MTE offers a wide range of TEAL® power conditioning products for the Semiconductor market. Low impedance isolation transformers for line to load isolation, noise suppression, voltage conversion, and single point ground. High energy patented noise filtering for reducing disruptive noise from impacting a critical process or test equipment. Transient voltage surge suppression for eliminating damaging high voltage transients with red flag visual warning system and hot swap capability to ensure you are always protected. Custom input power connections and output distribution options.

Semiconductor Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) requires a very quiet “test floor” and a stable zero volt reference to insure test accuracy – no false positives or false negatives. MTE is the leading supplier of semi-custom power interfaces for OEM’s of semiconductor manufacturing and test equipment. MTE engineering services thoroughly evaluate, design, certify, manufacture, and test these power subsystems to provide clean, stable power and seamlessly integrate into your systems.