Industries Served

Medical Imaging

Modern CT, X-Ray and other medical imagers are high performance systems, demanding good quality power. To enhance imager performance, MTE offers a variety of TEAL® brand power-management products that provides the clean power necessary to enable the highest system uptime and performance at an affordable cost.

Through its TEAL brand, MTE is the leading OEM power subsystem supplier to nearly all medical imaging equipment manufacturers. The technology associated with modern, highly computerized medical imaging equipment demands that clean power and grounds be available in order to produce the highest resolution images possible. Electrical noise and transients on the line can cause “artifacts” in the digital image which may result in misdiagnoses. MTE offers patented power conditioning equipment that are specifically suited for the pulsing loads characteristic of X-Ray, CT, MRI, and other imaging and therapy equipment.

MTE also specializes in designing and building these power subsystems to meet the specific needs of its customers to increase reliability and patient throughput, and reduce installation and service costs. To save on site installation time and cost, contact MTE to see how we can assist you with a TEAL Site-Prep-In-A-Box power subsystem solution.