Industries Served

Defense & Aerospace

Through the development of its TEAL® brand power-management products, MTE is one of the fastest growing providers of power subsystems for simulator test equipment, and integrated systems for Defense and Aerospace. The technology associated with modern, highly-computerized Automated Test Equipment and Motion Simulators demands clean power and that grounds be available. Input power quality is one variable in the process equation and poor power quality can have a significant effect on the results.

Equipment exposed to harsh electrical environments will fail more often than equipment provided clean, stable power.

Modern Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) and Motion Simulators requires a very quiet “noise floor” and a stable zero volt (ground) reference to insure accuracy. MTE is the leading supplier of power interfaces for OEM’s of semiconductor manufacturing and test equipment, giving us a distinct market advantage for the Defense and Aerospace test industries as well as Simulation market. MTE’s engineering services thoroughly evaluate, design, certify, manufacture, and test these power subsystems to provide clean, stable power, and seamlessly integrate into your systems.

The TEAL PowerRAX™ power subsystem provides turnkey equipment cabinets for the most stringent system. These Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) Power Conditioning and Distribution Racks (PCDRs) are intended to provide and distribute AC voltages for Military-Aerospace test racks and come with TEAL GATEKEEPER™ 3.5kVA to 45kVA Power Conditioning Units. The PCDR performs control and protection functions to maintain compliance with multiple safety standards and agency approvals. Choose from a selection of COTS rack systems and feature options to meet your specific needs. All TEAL GATEKEEPER™ products can be modified to provide custom interfaces for both input and output.