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Matrix AP – Better Harmonic Performance at Light Loads Results in Less Overall Distortion on the Power Grid


Matrix® AP Harmonic Filters provided the optimum solution for reciprocating pump operators in the Bakken oil fields.

Oil reciprocating pumps rely on a large counterweight to offset the weight of the pump rod which can be several hundred feet long. This produces a motor and drive load profile that is cyclical with a frequency from 2 to 5 cycles per minute. During one of these cycles, the load can vary from 0% to 100% or more for short bursts, with an average load of about 40% to 60% during the loaded portion of the cycle. In the oil fields, these reciprocating pumps are the main load on the power grid and sometimes can be the only load for many square miles. The cumulative effect of perhaps hundreds of these types of loads on the power grid results in higher background harmonic voltage distortion for the entire grid in that region.