MTE Solutions Catalog

Version téléchargeable du catalogue des produits de MTE Ce catalogue fournit une vue d’ensemble complète de tous les produits de qualité de l’alimentation de MTE. Il comprend des aperçus des produits ainsi que des tableaux de sélection pour les réacteurs, les filtres harmoniques, les filtres de protection de moteur et les modules de gestion de…


September 17 – 20, 2018 Autotestcon – National Harbor, Maryland MTE will have a booth exhibit at the show. November 14 & 15, 2018 Rockwell Automation Automation Fair – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania MTE will have a booth exhibit at the show.

CE Declaration of Conformity

Reactors: ce-declaration-of-conformity-rl-reactor-rlw-reactor Matrix Filters: ce-declaration-of-conformity-matrix-ap Matrix APAX Filters: ce-declaration-of-conformity-matrix-apax SineWave Filters: ce-declaration-of-conformity-sinewave-guardian dV Sentry Filters: ce-declaration-of-conformity-dv-sentry EMI-RFI 3 Filters: ce-declaration-of-conformity-emi-rfi-filters-rf3 EMI-RFI 4 Filters: ce-declaration-of-conformity-emi-rfi-filters-rf4    

Reactor %Z impedance derivation

Reactor %Z impedance derivation The reactor is an inductive component that is identified and sized by a ratio of its reactive impedance to the applied circuit impedance: (see equations 1 & 2). Reactors by themselves don’t have a % impedance value only by applying the reactor inductance and a current rating to an application with… Read more »

Feature Headline

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MTE Expands the Matrix® AP Product Family – With High Current Harmonic Filters

Expanded Harmonic Filters with Patented Active Passive Technology Mitigate Harmonics for a Wide Range of Power Loads – Helps Customers Meet IEEE-519 Requirements Menomonee Falls, WI – July 16, 2014 – MTE Corporation, a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-efficiency electrical power quality solutions for commercial and industrial applications, today announces the extension… Read more »

How to Measure Inductance of a Three Phase Reactor

By Wayne Walcott – The basic equation that defines the inductance relation is shown using the accompanying schematic: Inductance in Henrys = VM(1-3)/AM(1-3) x 2 x Π X 60 Hertz The test setup consists of a variable high current 3 phase 60 hertz supply with meters for voltage and current connected as shown. The test…

How to Use a 3-Phase Line Reactor for a Single-Phase Application

MTE three-phase Line / Load Reactors can be used for single-phase applications by routing each of the two supply conductors through an outside coil, and leaving the center coil disconnected.  The illustration below demonstrates how a 3-phase line reactor can be used for a single-phase application. Using the mathematical method below you can calculate the inductance to…

How to Select the Reactor That’s Right for Your DC Drive

MTE three-phase AC reactors are not just for use with AC variable frequency drives. Use MTE reactors on the input of DC motor controllers to provide protection for the drives, and improve the quality of power supplied to other loads on the distribution system.