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Meeting IEEE-519 with a Six-Pulse VFD


A six-pulse VFD with a Matrix® AP is a better and more cost effective solution to conform to IEEE-519 than a multi-pulse or AFE drive

Use of VFDs & Harmonic Issues Many industries across the globe use Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) to efficiently control the electrical power needed to run motors, pumps, and other mechanical systems. Six-pulse drives are commonly used and are readily available. While they can help efficiency, the total harmonic distortion (THID) that is produced exceeds the limits set forth in the IEEE-519 standard. In the past, resolving this meant using a multi-pulse VFD such as a 12 or 18-pulse drive, or an Active Front End (AFE) drive. Now, due to a technological breakthrough from MTE, you can use a six-pulse drive with the Matrix® AP passive harmonic filter to meet IEEE-519. This solution is smaller, more efficient and more cost effective over other low harmonic drive solutions.

  • SP-002-E Harmonic Mitigation is Essential for Long Equipment Life