MTE Corporation Introduces New Company Logo

Menomonee Falls, WI | February 18, 2019 – MTE Corporation, a world leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of high-efficiency electrical power quality solutions for commercial and industrial applications, is proud to announce the launch of their new company logo as they move forward towards a future filled with innovation and performance excellence. “MTE… Read more »

MTE Solutions Catalog

MTE 解决方案手册-可下载版 该手册是关于所有MTE电能质量产品的概览。包括:产品概览,电抗器、滤波器和马达保护产品的选型表以及电能管理产品。 下载该方案手册(PDF 75页)

展会预告 (英文)

MTE will be exhibiting at the following shows: August 26-29, 2019: Autotestcon, National Harbor, Maryland USA Nov 20-21, 2019: Rockwell Automation Fair, Chicago, Illnois USA

CE Declaration of Conformity

Reactors: ce-declaration-of-conformity-rl-reactor-rlw-reactor Matrix Filters: ce-declaration-of-conformity-matrix-ap Matrix APAX Filters: ce-declaration-of-conformity-matrix-apax SineWave Filters: ce-declaration-of-conformity-sinewave-guardian dV Sentry Filters: ce-declaration-of-conformity-dv-sentry EMI-RFI 3 Filters: ce-declaration-of-conformity-emi-rfi-filters-rf3 EMI-RFI 4 Filters: ce-declaration-of-conformity-emi-rfi-filters-rf4    

Reactor %Z impedance derivation

Reactor %Z impedance derivation The reactor is an inductive component that is identified and sized by a ratio of its reactive impedance to the applied circuit impedance: (see equations 1 & 2). Reactors by themselves don’t have a % impedance value only by applying the reactor inductance and a current rating to an application with… Read more »

Feature Headline

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Motor Protection Solutions Video

MTE Corporation 提供市场领先的、全方位的电机保护解决方案,帮助客户减少停机时间和最大限度提高生产率。 SineWave Guardian™ 滤波器是最先进的滤波器,在清洁那些由变频器产生的脉宽调制波形方面,具有无与伦比的性能。它几乎消除了高频成分和电压尖峰,因此减少了电机发热,从而延长客户的电机寿命,并减少停机时间。dV Sentry™ 滤波器是 MTE 的最新产品,集减小共模、峰值电压保护和减小上升时间于一身。dV Sentry 采用 MTE 独一无二的专利设计,已被证明可以将共模减小 50% 以上。 电源/负载电抗器是最先进的电能质量装置,其性能已经过长期实践验证。电源/负载电抗器牢固而强大,在吸收那些可导致变频器(VFD)及其它灵敏设备受损或关闭的电力线干扰方面具有无可比拟的能力 相关视频: SineWave Guardian™ Filter The New dV Sentry™ Filter    

Matrix® AP Harmonic Filter Video

MTE Corporation 提供一套市场领先的抑制谐波解决方案,能有效地保护您的电气设备。谐波可以描述为电压或电流波形的形状或特性,与其基本频率相关。但是这是什么意思?请观看此视频,了解 Matrix AP 为什么是市场领先的抑制谐波解决方案

MTE Expands the Matrix® AP Product Family – With High Current Harmonic Filters

Expanded Harmonic Filters with Patented Active Passive Technology Mitigate Harmonics for a Wide Range of Power Loads – Helps Customers Meet IEEE-519 Requirements Menomonee Falls, WI – July 16, 2014 – MTE Corporation, a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-efficiency electrical power quality solutions for commercial and industrial applications, today announces the extension… Read more »